What is RFLink?

RFLink is a client-server solution destinated to be used with Motorola DMR professionnal radios. It focus on simplicity of use and deploy speed without any compromise on features offered by Mototrbo radios. This software opens a wide range of features that you can discover bellow.

Image du client RFLink

Main features

Radios pool management

Detailed device view

RFLink allows you to know radios states in realtime (Switched on, switched off, disabled or in alarm). Every single radio is represented by a detailed view which shows all information about it and gives you tools to interact with it. Features available are the following :

  • Check the presence on network
  • Disable or enable a device (Stun)
  • Remote listening
  • GPS location request sending
  • Acknowledge an emergency
  • Allocate a mission (task)
  • Request or set IO (telemetry)
  • Send or receive text messages
  • Read dedicated logs

Radios condensed view is also available in groups which allows to know radio pool state instantly or access to functions through contextual menu. Radios and groups are auto-discovered, it means it's not necessary to manually add them in configuration.
Discover in video : RFLink Entities configuration
Discover in video : RFLink Client views

Emergency handling

On radio user emergency, all panels representing this radio change their color to red to visualy notify user emergency. An audio sound will be played (all kind of audio formats are allowed: mp3, wav, wma). Notification zone will display an alarm category containing all radios currently in alarm. Discover in video : RFLink Emergency handling

Emergency example in client

Text messaging

text messaging feature

Send and receive messages from remote radios, Be notified and log messages

Gestion des Entrée/Sortie (télémétrie)

RFLink natively handles telemetry on remote radios. You can active all kind of outputs (pulses, states) and be informed on every input changes. A dedicated category is available in notification zone. Additionnaly, transfers system allows several types of actions combinations (see Events transfer feature for more information) Découvrez en vidéo : RFLink Telemetry

Telemetry feature

Remote user identification

Identification feature

This feature allows to remote user to be identified on radio he is using. This is particulary adapted if the radio isn't allocated permanently to a person but used alternatively by multiple users Discover in video : RFLink User identification

Realtime GPS localization

RFlink allows to follow in real time all or part of radios pool through all available Mototrbo radios modes like: manual request, interval trigger, emergency and telemetry trigger. For that, a configuration is available in client and editable on the fly. We can distinct two kinds of views: a main view which shows all localized devices and the device detailed view which contains a map as well but dedicated to itself. These both views permit to simultaneously display a same radio with two zoom levels, respectively at city range and street range for example. This extended vision improve drastically the HQ decisions to manage theirs teams. To improve visibility, content of the bubble which represents the radio is also highly configurable. Discover in video : RFLink GPS tracking in details

GPS Feature

GPS Replay

GPS replay feature

GPS replay allows to see past radios locations on a map. To proceed, just go to events logger, filter on one or more radios, on wanted dates, and use dedicated button to trigger GPS replay. This map distinguish itself by its play-stop buttons and its timeline bar. Then you just have to navigate in time or click on play to see past events. An information zone is available to see currently played date, time and localized radio user name and firstname. Discover in video : RFLink GPS Replay

Indoor Localization

In addition of GPS outdoor localization, RFLink integrate indoor localization of Mototrbo DMR radios by iBeacon bluetooth beacons. In contrast of other solutions, RFLink suggests to show your indoor maps directly on oudoor map to give a real advantage during indoor/outdoor transitions. For the radio pool manager, there is no difference if device is located by GPS or through indoor beacons because the unique interface combine them in real consistency. This is true for realtime localization and replay.



A smart and simple configuration allows you to easily generate and place your indoor maps and beacons in graphical way. Any connected client can achieve this configuration and any modification will be reported in realtime on all other clients.

Task management (job ticketing)

Task management feature allows to RFLink client to allocate missions to remote radios users. These ones can accept or decline and send progress updates through predefined status. RFlink handles Mototrbo 2d generation task managment menus, but it's still possible to use basic sms feature on older radios to receive tasks and update status. Task progress status are editable and not limited in number. To increase efficiency it's possible to create task templates which can be called and edited on the fly during task allocation. Discover in video : RFLink Task management (job ticketing)

Task management feature job ticketing

Visual voice call supervision

Voice call supervision feature

A specific view shows all current voice calls in form of a stack. Every item displays call source and destination. On client, it's possible to associate a RFLink group to a radio id to display meaningful group name instead of default generic group name like "Group 1". So when a call is in progress, RFLink client user can see which group is concerned by call and details of current person in TX like its name, firstname and picture. Discover in video : RFLink Visual voice call supervision

Gateways link supervision

Gateways link information is reported in RFLink client to insure the network synchronization and availability to its user. A clean and detailed view will help him to diagnose all kind of issues that could happen on this side like control station link loss or NAI repeater(s) link loss. Discover in video : RFLink Gateways link supervision

Gateway supervision view

Events transfer system

Transfer feature

RFLink solution integrate a powerful events transfer system. Actually each event in system is eligible to transfer. To proceed, just right click on an event in logger and ask to add it as trigger. Then allocate one or multiple actions to it. For example on emergency receive, you could set up a transfer by text on other radio(s) or group(s). An advanced tag system allows you to customize message sent by integrating information of original event. This is a common case but you can imagine a lot of different scenarios like activate a remote output on specific text receive. You can imagine a lot of combinations.



Logo RFLink


Based on last Microsoft technologies, the solution is robust and evolutive. It is multilangage and you just need to translate a unique resources file to easily integrate a new langage. RFLink is composed of 3 modules:

Synoptic of RFLink solution

RFLink Client

All final user operations are done through this unique application, from simple user to site administrator. RFLink client can be used to supervise its radios pool as it can be used to configure all entities (radios, users, groups). To be deployed in few seconds, it needs only few Mo on hard drive and doesn't need any local database to operate. Its interface is designed to be accessible to all people without any technical knowledges. This is done by using ergonomics graphic items, simple and intuitive menus and windows. It doesn't mean RFLink isn't customizable, it stays higly configurable. Every application panel is resizable and movable in main windows and even outside. it makes RFLink really efficient on multi-screen PC where you can easily display every information or map on a second or third screen. All modifications on layout are saved and restored automatically.

RFLink client module

RFLink Server

It's the heart of the system. As a service, it handles data persitence, radio gateways dialog and clients connexions. It is fully transparent for user and doesn't need any action from him.

RFLink Configurator

Destinated to configure the server, it will be mainly used to add network access gateways. Don't be lost again in inexplicable configuration panel or endless user guide, RFLink is focused on essential and integrate an embbeded help which describe precisely each setting and applicable values.


Watch again all video contents on Youtube channel and see all screenshots in our portfolio bellow

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